Tecolote Auxiliary and the La Madera Fire Station


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La Madera Volunteer Fire Station District 16

District 16 has an ISO Rating of 5 – 10. San Pedro Creek has a rating of 5.
Sandoval County has eight fire districts

District Fire Chief - Joe Gober
Home - 281-1806
Cell - 220-9794

Assistant District Chief Pete Peterson has retired after 20 years of service (Click Here)



    To be a WILD LAND FIRE FIGHTER: 40 hours (about 6 Saturdays)
To be a FIRE FIGHTER 1:  160 hours (about 23 Saturdays) 
    To be a BASIC EMT:  120 hours (about 17 Saturdays)
          To receive an ADVANCED EMT CERTIFICATE:  An additional 80 hours (about 12 Saturdays).  

And this is just the initial training!  Our EMT/Firefighters often have advanced certificates - in addition to their on-going training.

Did you know your volunteers meet several times each month to train and refresh skills? Today we conducted respiratory protection training. Our firefighters completed air management drills in full bunker gear with a self-contained breathing apparatus. They also performed a mayday simulation and demonstrated air conservation techniques. And our EMS crew provided oversight and monitored vital signs before and after the exercise. Thank you fellow volunteers and thank you to the entire community for your continued support.


May 4, 2018 a 30,000 gallon storage tank donated to the LMVFS by Bernalillo County, was delivered to the station effectively increasing our water storage capacity to
80,000 gallons of water for fighting fires in our community.  The tank was large and extremely heavy and required an oversize trailer for transport and a huge  crane for
the careful placement.  Once the plumbing is installed for it, it can be filled.  The increased water storage capacity is critical in the extreme drought of this fire season. 

Equally challenging were the 911 calls. Our men and women responded to 59 calls this past year, averaging one a week. Their training and competence in emergency medical care, plus their commitment to being on call, helped save lives and prevent further serious injury. Our experienced responders are offering CPR training and training in those emergency skills so vital to implement before first responders can get to the scene. To protect our children, special information and training is being offered to babysitters. Stay tuned for these community offerings.

La Madera Membership

20 Volunteer Members are certificated as Firefighters, EMT’s, and 1st responders

Volunteers provide service to approximately1,800 residents in the following areas (communities):
Canyon Madera,       Skyline Estates,       San Pedro Creek Estates
San Pedro Overlook Estates,        Residents of Puertocito Road

Volunteers also provide Mutual Aid to Bernalillo County Fire Department, Santa Fe County Fire Department (Edgewood) and US Forest Service Sandia.

Fire Station 28 Resources

Medical Rescue Vehicle - all wheel drive
Quick Response Vehicle - Chief Officer’s Vehicle
Structure Fire Vehicles
Engine 28 - 1000 gallon of water with a 1250 gallons per minute (gpm) pump
Tenders / Tankers - carry water to be used on structure fires or wild land fires
Mighty Mary - 3000 gallons of water with a 1250 gpm pump
Tender 28-2 - 1800 gallons of water with a 500 gpm pump
WildLand (WUI) Fire Vehicles
Brush 28 - 300 gallons of water with a 250 gpm pump
Water Supply Trailer - supply of portable water tanks and tools for use on WUI
Helicopter Landing Pad - for use by Medical helicopters or US Forest Service helicopters
Water Storage Tanks - fire protection water'

Your Volunteer Fire Department Always Needs and Welcomes New Members.

Membership is open to all residents of the La Madera Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) response
area who are willing to volunteer their time, energy, and resources to their community. Applicants
must be at least 18 years of age, have a current New Mexico driver’s license and driving record that
meets Sandoval County Fire Department requirements. La Madera VFD will provide and help with
training requirements.

Contact Fire Chief Joe Gober 220-9794 for more information or to answer any questions you may
have about our Communities.


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