Tecolote Auxiliary and the La Madera Fire Station


In "real life", Matt Frandsen works in IT at Kirkland Air Force Base. He has lived with his wife, Laurie, in the Tecolote Fire District for a little over four years.

What motivated you, Matt, to become a Firefighter with Tecolote?

"I really like living in the mountains and I'm able bodied. So I wanted to do something that would help if the area where I live was threatened by fire. It just seemed like something I wanted to do - a good way to give back."

What has been the most impressive thing about your involvement as a Firefighter so far?

"The dedication and commitment of the guys and gals at La Madera - regardless of age, and with no excuses, everybody pitches in. It's fabulous! At the structure fire that occurred the first week of December, the entire crew was engaged - everything from controlling the fire ground and ferrying water in the tender, to directly fighting the fire. One member of our team, a man 15 years older than I am, was right in there with us "pulling fire hose" and providing veteran direction as we worked."

As a Firefighter, what words of wisdom or suggestions would you make to the residents of our Tecolote fire district?
"Practice good "Fire Hygiene" and create a defensible space around your home. This space is needed to slow or stop the spread of wildfire and it protects your home from catching fire. Remove the dead trees and trim back tree limbs around your home and other structures. I didn't quite realize how important this was until I became a firefighter. Creating this defensible space will make your home more fire safe and put less stress on the firefighters.